The Object is a set of works in which artist Vera Trofimova elaborates upon the idea of an infinitely expanding universe, the development of life and its processes. In each of the works we can see a statuesque moment of the repetitive natural cycle. The artist works with plastic creating shapes that imitate organic beings or plants. Every particle is unique, and together they make up bizarre forms, which are both similar to what we can find in nature, and unlike anything that has ever existed. The layers of graphics and deformed plexiglass enhance the effect of such microcosm, delineating the space for the plastic ‘beings’. The non-living and the living collides within the limits of The Object, suggesting an idea of how an inanimate vacuum can turn into a container for life. The life is boundless, it’s constantly seeking to overcome limitations and break through. The Object embodies this process: while limited from all sides by the surface, the particles rush into the depth below it.