Working on a photo project about the installation of the mosaics in the Church of Saint Sava was the largest and most extensive project of my life. It was not easy to fit six years of hard work into a limited exhibition, but I hope that I was able to convey the scale and special atmosphere of the event, which often remain hidden from the eyes of ordinary people. Also, throughout I was involved in the editing process, which allowed me to get an in-depth look at the process from the inside and to learn about it.
to study the process from the inside and to join the great work not only as an observer.

The scale of the project and the total amount of work done amazed me to the core when I saw with my own eyes what a colossal path each piece of mosaic has traveled through many hands: from the moment of smelting at the production plant and the subsequent cutting into modules of different sizes to the painstaking set into finished works of art and their direct installation on the walls of the temple. It is incredible to realize and feel all the love and care with which every centimeter of these mosaics is enveloped, as well as to observe in person the power and energy radiating from them, the very fact of contemplating which has given me strength and inspiration throughout these years.

I am grateful to the organizers for the opportunity to contribute to the cultural heritage of humanity, as well as to work with so many talented and inspired people with a common and ambitious goal. It is incredible to realize that more than a century of temple building has come to a close.